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Wear it like you own it

Wear it like you Own it

i.Candy Clothing Co.


We've got you covered

i.Candy Clothing Co.

Sexiest swimwear

Sexiest Swimwear

i.Candy Clothing Co.


It's not just a's a Lifestyle

i.Candy Clothing Co.


Made in Candyland

i.Candy Clothing Co.


We are spreading the love all over the country with our i.Candy Lifestyle brand. Check out our events for 2024!

About Our Parties

i.Candy Lifestyle was started in 2019 and has quickly become one of the top Adults Only party brands in the country.

i.Candy Lifestyle hosts events in Orlando, Kissimmee, Tampa, Miami, Houston, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans and parts of Tennessee. We are looking to expand our destinations in 2025.

i.Candy Clothing Co., is also a very successful and up and coming clothing brand for the "adult" crowd. We continually update our inventory and offer the latest style clothing for events and also anywhere you may go. 

If you haven't experienced one of our events...what are you waiting for!?! Check out our "event" page and find a location near you!

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