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i.Candy Parties/i.Candy Clothing Co. @Naughty N'awlins NOLA, June 26th-30th, 2024

  Date: Jun 26 - Jun 30 2024

  Time: All Day

  Venue: Naughty N'awlins

  Location: New Orleans, LA

naughtyJoin us and all of our i.Candy friends in NOLA for Naughty N'awlins 2024! Catch us at our i.Candy Merchandise Booth and at all of the major pool parties and ballroom parties!  CLICK HERE FOR NAUGHTY N'AWLINS TICKETS!


We actually take over two hotels, one is the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel on the corner of Bourbon St & Canal St and the other hotel is the NOPSI Hotel located just a few blocks away, next to Colette. Together, we have over 900 rooms per night available at our host hotels.

Is this a complete hotel takeover? Yes. We have every single room at the 700 room Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel from Wednesday, June 26th, through Sunday, June 30th. We also have over 200 rooms at the NOPSI hotel.

Which Hotel should I stay at? It depends what you are looking for. The NOPSI Hotel is our most upscale hotel with a great restaurant, rooftop topless pool and has become our boutique “event within an event” for those looking for smaller crowds and higher end rooms and amenities. The Astor Crowne Plaza is a great choice if you want to be close to the really big parties and be located right on Bourbon St. No matter which hotel you choose, you can go to all the events at both hotels.

What if we just come and stay at another hotel and just meet people that are in town for the convention? You can if you want… but we have daytime private parties at over 15 different Bourbon St bars, strip clubs, and saloons. These events are some of the best parts of Naughty in N’awlins and can only be attended if you buy a package or a daypass. Every year people come to New Orleans during our event in order to meet people that are coming in for the event, but they want to stay at another hotel and they don’t want to pay for the package. Every year, they are standing outside as over 1,000 people walk by and head into these private parties or they stand on Bourbon St., looking up at our balcony with hundreds of people partying at our themed balls wishing they had just signed up for the event because they cannot get into the hotel. They even make plans online through Kasidie, Lifestyle Lounge, Couples Touch, or one of the other popular sites to meet people at this or that bar, only to show up and not be able to recognize anyone or get stood up because people heard there was a party at another bar or the couple decided to take a class or attend one of the private parties. Trust us, it’s a lot better to be on the inside. With over 2,600 sexy people, entertainment, dancers, elaborate productions, dungeons, sexy playfloors, and much more… to end up standing out on the street, getting poked in the ribs by your partner who says “I told you we should have signed up for the event".

Are you required to stay at the host hotel? Yes. If people didn’t stay at our hotel, we wouldn’t be able to throw a massive party like this. Other events allow you to stay anywhere and the host hotel will have you mixed in with families, church groups, college frat brothers on a New Orleans binge… you get the picture. We offer an experience that no one can match. You can walk in nothing but a robe (or sexy lingerie) down the hall to your friend’s room without worrying about who will see you (no you can’t walk around butt naked- you have to wear something). You can go to and from our hospitality floor and our themed balls without running into anyone except other attendees.

Is this a "Swingers" convention? No... and yes. There will be "swingers" at our convention, there will also be nudists, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, church-goers, fetish and those into BDSM, polyamorists, voyeurs, exhibitionists, and much more. We are more than just a "swingers" convention- we market to any couples that are open-minded, not offended by sexual expression, and like to have fun.

Still, have questions? Call us at (800) 304-4493 and we'll answer them.

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